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"The Jane Lewis & Sam Turton singalong is musical wellness for the soul. It's more than the captured moment and talent, it's the ambience / the people participation. It holds true.....Music is the universal language of the world and Sam & Jane are speaking volumes."
—Rod Jewell

"A singalong with Sam and Jane is a wonderful way to break the ice and lift the spirits. I wish they could be part of every Green Party event!"
—Elizabeth May

"Jane and Sam made the celebration I attended so much fun. If you are looking for something unique and fun and crowd pleasing...this is it!"

"The monthly Friday night singalong at the Pan Café on St. Paul Street is one of St. Catharines' best kept secrets....Jane Lewis and Sam Turton have amazing voices and we all sang our hearts out to the songs of Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkle, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, George Gershwin, Patsy Cline and Bob Seger."
—Miriam Gersho

"For a good evening of sing along entertainment, you can't beat the tempo and quality of an evening with Jane & Sam!"
—P. Bryant

"I attended my first Singalong with Jane and Sam recently and had an absolutely fabulous time! The vibe in the air was so positive - JOYFUL in fact! I felt warmly welcomed and didn't want to leave! The voices were beautiful, the playing was excellent, the atmosphere was warm, inviting and fun and the people were lovely! Thank you for bringing people together to share the uplifting, heart opening effects of music!"
—Brenda McMorrow

"Singing with Sam and Jane...great musicians, fabulous oldies and a really good time!"

"What a great addition to my 60th birthday! Sam and Jane brought the party alive. It was a mixed crowd of a wide age range, and everyone got into the music. The songbooks were great!"
—Dr. Carl Mackie

"It was a fabulous evening and the music was great! We met other people there and had a nice time sharing a table with them and also sharing the songs. It was wonderful the way we were able to request favourites and how you both were so accommodating in playing them."
—Judy Corvari

"Sam Turton and Jane Lewis lead singalongs that invite people with a common interest in music to join in. They create an atmosphere where voices are heard and souls can sing out loud."
—Laura Laing

"As a singalong co-leader with Sam Turton and Jane Lewis, I can say there's nothing better than looking out at a crowd of people gathered together for the pure and simple joy of singing. The fun and camaraderie engendered by such experiences is palpable - everyone has a great time, which of course, makes it an equivalent joy in the leading or playing along of the requested songs."
—Norman Liota

"My daughter and I come to the singalong as often as we can and really love it. I find it fun and relaxing..."
—Christine Rickards

"The Singalong is a warm and friendly time where good voices and others blend in a harmony of happiness. Very welcome indeed."

"I love singing, and it was such a pleasure to join with others to sing some familiar (and some not so familiar) songs, with no demands on me - just to sit back with others of a like mind, and relax."
—W. M.

"My wife and I thouroughly enjoyed the 2 singalongs we were able to attend. The second one we brought a friend..."
—Jerry Daminato & Elizabeth Bone

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